The Technocracy is Rising, Stand and Fight!

Derrick breaks down an important update about the push for a cashless society and offers some words of inspiration!

From TCR Live #114: #ExposeWarpSpeed, Expose Gates, Expose Syria F Flag

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5 Responses

  1. Meg

    I’m in my vital life project circle next I hope to see this I am so hoping you had all your stuff on terabytes
    I’ve had so much personal poetry to my children disappear
    Even though it’s not comparable to your quantity I know the English I will then putting you in my rocking chair every night and be holding you with all who are lovable
    He will always be a star in my sky I am so proud of you I am linked with
    me we/telegram/WhatsApp How can I reach you now I have very poor tech skills

  2. Greg

    This craps so retarded. Your debit card is already a form of digital currency and people are so stupid they don’t realize it’s just the govt fully tracking everything you do. Anyone afraid of cash can easily use their current debit card.

  3. Andrew

    Thanks Derrick, I’m 61, and just signed up a broker of crypto, I’m getting ready, have some metal, I’m off grid (23years), growing own food. I urge everyone to use your brain, cut out TV, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, RADIO. Research. Get ready.


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