Derrick Broze is walking around the streets of Guadalajara for another walk and talk to discuss how to spot shills/limited hangout, Woody Harrelson and Bill Maher on Terrain and Germ theory, more proof of myocarditis, a lawsuit relating the cell phone harms, and more!

Woody Harrelson on Bill Maher’s Club Random

Many Vaccinated Youth Who Suffered Heart Inflammation Had Abnormal MRI Results Months Later: CDC Study

Outcomes at least 90 days since onset of myocarditis after mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in adolescents and young adults in the USA: a follow-up surveillance study

After 21-Year Delay, Judge Hears Evidence in Lawsuit Alleging Cellphones Caused Plaintiffs’ Brain Cancer

The Biden Administration Embraces Technocracy with Promise of $2 Billion in Funding for the “BioEconomy”

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4 Responses

  1. Armand

    Hey man, I wanted to defend you on your bitchute channel against the right-wing bigots/trolls insulting you because of your hair, and give him a thumbs down but you banned. I’m glad you are coming round to seeing both sides, but remember there either are viruses or there are not. I hope you’re making your way to the truth. Let’s take the wind out of their sails.

    My girlfriend loves your hair by the way. I can’t say because I’m thinning!!


  2. alex

    its simple some organisms are natures recyclers from hyenas, vultures to microorganisms their job is to recycle devitalized ,weak, dead and dying things . antibiotics stop microrganisms from doing their job of recycling. good god save us all from evil

  3. Tony

    Derrick, Thanks again for always being real and straightforward and striving for clarity… Jeremy Hammond.. the hacker in the Stratfor story. 🙂

  4. Ryan

    The solution is using the constitution alongside what you’re doing AND putting God back in America. Constitution protects God given rights but We the people are not using the constitution for protection.

    One, people must defund stock market corporations. Essentially, buy local.
    Two, God is the gatekeeper of freedom, God given rights, so stop being a jackass and do what’s right.
    Three the constitution protects basic rights such as life, liberty, happiness, freedom, land. If we the people want to continue to be we the people instead of we the government or we the fascists then we the people must use the constitution to shield and protect our rights from the tyrannical government that wants to take them away.

    Military is against the constitution. Government control is why the declaration of independence was written. Soldiers stood in homes, today technology is the soldier in our homes.
    The constitution says we are not to be taxed directly, but we are.
    The solution is to start local. To make changes in the following order:
    1) personal relationship with God.
    2) family
    3) friends / neighborhood
    4) local community
    5) town / city
    6) county
    7) state
    8) country
    9) world

    We have been promised that our nation would survive so long as we put God at the front of it.
    We must take action for all that is required for evil to take over, is for good men to do nothing.

    P.s. Derrick, the Utah stuff is spot on. But the hinkley thing is simply not true. Look into the guy who made the godmakers. He is garbage. But back to the Utah thing. Find and talk to Chelsea Edelweiss. She needs someone like you, she learned the hard way that the FBI was part of it all. I think she still lives in Utah.


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