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Derrick Broze is out on another walk and talk discussing the latest in the Utah Ritual abuse investigation. He also talks about why we need to stop focusing on the problems and zero in on the solutions we need to overcome The Great Reset.



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2 Responses

  1. Charlie Stephens

    Hello, Derrick. I’m enjoying your work and I think you’re saying some important things here. So glad you’re not so focused on the problems (while at least keeping up with the latest with regard to those) and instead are focusing on solutions. This year was the 40th anniversary of my waking up to the nature of the criminal rackets that have been running our country for many, many decades (caused by the passage of the Garn-St.Germain Act in 1982 and the subsequent, and immediate, looting of the savings & loan industry). I’m a systems engineer and I see everything as a system – a system that desperately needs redesign, everywhere, to design the criminal rackets out. I also see the Earth and its miraculous and extraordinary life forms as the most elegant system we know of – one that should inspire deep humility in humans. I work locally (in Oregon), in person, in trying to gather people together to invent the alternative systems that people desperately need in order to feel safe walking away from the one we’ve built over many generations now. Keep up the great work. I was just waking up at your age so you’re already a lot more accomplished than I was back then. I’m always ready to help those who truly understand the problems.

  2. Jim Robertson

    Awesome Derrick! You are doing great work and influencing many people (including me) in a very good way. Keep it up … you inspire me greatly! Thank you!!



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