Derrick Broze examines recent videos from Alex Jones and Mike Adams claiming that Trump will declare martial law. These men and infowars are not to be trusted. They are going to help create the perfect conditions for a civil war that the ruling class will use to enact complete control.


EMERGENCY REPORT: Trump Planning Mass Arrests, Military Tribunals for Deep State Traitors

Alex Jones: I Don’t Want Trump To Declare Martial Law But We Are Already Under It

World Exclusive: Obama Declared Martial Law/COG Provisions Before Leaving Office! Civil Emergency Still in Place


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2 Responses

  1. Anonymous

    Like you I used to be an Alex freak but lately I have come to not entirely trust him. It’s in his whole MO, he’s essentially dishonest.

  2. Robert

    What about R.D. Steele, Scott Mckay and Simon Parkes?
    You probably have some video commenting on them?
    And you already say Fulford is part of the psyop right?
    Yeah Netanyahu has always been one of my big questions, never really addressed by them.
    Chemtrails 5G etc etc and now a SAFE VACCINE yeah the one where everyone is dropping like flies. I think the home euthanized my mom recently too. Jan 1
    Yeah the real ID etc. ridiculous
    I hear ya on hyping Jones as the bad guy lol
    I actually think Mike Adams is a good guy but he gets caught up in his speculations; either that or he’s heavily influenced by Jones who I’ve lately had my doubts about.
    Jones and his sudden shift about Qanon made me very suspicious, almost like he had “sold out” well maybe he’s been on the payroll all along.
    Any thoughts on Pieczenik?
    thank you for your contribution … this represents an entirely new shift in my overall perspective. Your Odysee video caught my attention and you sounded objective and sincere and well informed and confident.
    I will keep investigating what you have to say so I can have a more intelligent interaction with you.


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