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Hello Friends,

Welcome to the latest update to The Conscious Resistance Newsletter! As of today I am going to make an effort to send these out every weekend. This newsletter will include important updates, as well as links to our latest content (see below!). I hope you find it useful and informative! In addition, I will now be recording and posting an audio version of this newsletter on our website. Check it out here! Now, let’s get to a couple quick updates…

1. The End of the Liberate Your Mind Tour – My second U.S. speaking/community building/consciousness raising tour has come to a close! After spending the last 6 months touring off and on we have completed 52 stops, volunteered in more than 20 cities, and met so many great people! Thanks to everyone who supported us along the way. Please stay tuned for future speaking events and community building opportunities.

2. Bringing Down Jeffrey Epstein (Documentary) – We are preparing for the release of a brand new documentary on convicted sex offender billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. The details will have to wait, but just know that this halloween we will be releasing a frightening tale of corruption, pedophilia, and a web of criminals. You do not want to miss this. Please stay tuned to our website, Steemit, BitChute, Minds, and MeWe for the release this coming week!

3. Counter-Economics, a new book from Derrick Broze and Samuel Konkin III – After sitting on old computers for more than two decades, Samuel E. Konkin III’s final unpublished book is set to be released! Counter-Economics is Konkin’s 3rd book after The New Libertarian Manifesto and The Agorist Primer, his effort to introduce the philosophy of Agorism and Counter-Economics to the world. My plan is to finish the book and release it with Konkin listed as co-author and inspiration. This will be released by February 2019! Stay tuned for more details.

That’s all for now. Thanks to everyone who recently reached out to me in support. Your words (and actions) mean so much to me and fuel me to keep spreading awareness and solutions! Together, we may have a chance at surviving and thriving in this crazy world! Talk to you soon…

– Derrick Broze

Founder, Editor TCRN

ALSO, Don’t Forget I recently released my latest book, The Holistic Self-Assessment. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY HERE!


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