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Sending love and solidarity to all of you, where ever you are reading from. I’m checking in with a couple quick updates…

1. Battling 5G in Houston – Friends, some of you may know that since I returned home from The Liberate Your Mind Tour I have made the 5g roll out in Houston a big part of my focus. I have been to city council several times now, sent out press releases and emails, and most recently appeared on local news (link below!) to talk about the health risks and privacy dangers that will come along with 5g technology. I am thankful to see people responding well to these videos and articles. But now it’s time to move to Phase 2 of my plan…

2. I NEED YOUR HELP FOR THIS PART! – I will be attending Houston City Council this coming Tuesday again. At this visit I plan to make one last impassioned plea to city council to hold a public comment period and/or vote on the 5g roll out. I plan to call for the launch of an email and phone blast campaign. I will be releasing the video on Wednesday with the numbers and emails of City Council members. I need as many people as possible to make calls to these offices and send emails. The goal is to get them to slow down and do more studies. So, if you think you can help, please look out for the video on Wednesday and send out as many emails as you want, and call as many council members as you like.

3. Daily Audiobook – I decided to start releasing an audio version of each chapter of The Conscious Resistance Trilogy. So from now until the trilogy is completely shared, I will be reading a chapter a day and releasing on our social media. I have already posted Chapter 1 “What is The Conscious Resistance?” and “Explorative Agnosticism” from Reflections on Anarchy and Spirituality. You can find those on the website.

**REMINDER** Bringing Down Jeffrey Epstein (Documentary) RELEASED! – We have finally released our brand new documentary on convicted sex offender billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. You can read and/or watch the full documentary here.

** ONE MORE REMINDER** New Social Media – As of January 2019, we will no longer be posting new content on FB, YouTube, Instagram Twitter, Google, or Amazon! To get all of our content, please stay tuned to our website,Steemit, BitChute, Minds, and MeWe!

Thanks again for your time. Feel free to reach out at any point by responding to this email. Until next week, Remember,

You Are Powerful, You Are Beautiful, You Are Free

– Derrick Broze

Founder, Editor TCRN

ALSO, Don’t Forget I have been invited to speak at Anarchapulco in Acapulco, Mexico in February 2019! If you are interested in attending, please click here and get a discount on tickets!


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