Today, in this moment, I am grateful for the abundance in my life. The abundance of love, support, friends, family, and wealth. I earned this. The Creator breathed life into me and I used my physical vessel to push past obstacles and achieve my goals.

Today I give thanks for all my growth. I spent my childhood and teenage years depressed, hating and hurting myself, and eventually addicted to drugs and alcohol. Sixteen years ago I became addicted to crystal meth. Within a year I spiraled down and found myself locked up behind bars.

After a couple years bouncing between state institutions I found my path. I began facing my trauma, doing the deep introspective work, and healing my wounds. After finishing my sentence and parole I had a renewed sense of love for life. I was able to express true joy and enjoy a sunset for the first time in my life.

In 2009, after these experiences, I began to question the world around me and learned about all of the lies we have been fed by government, media, and “authorities”. It was at this time that I stopped paying taxes, stopped dealing with banks, quit my job, and decided I could not support this system further.

I had no idea how I was going to survive without working in the “Matrix”, but I was committed to this path. I was blessed with some friends who supported me – sometimes financially, or with food, or a place to stay – because they believed in the path I was on.

Now, for the first time in my life, after 10 years committed to this path, I am in a place where I am not living check to check, day by day. I have security for the first time in my 36 year life. I often think about the struggles I have had to face to get to this point (and the struggles I might face in the future) and it fills me with gratitude to see how far Creator has carried me.

I just wanted to share my personal growth and encourage you to take a moment to appreciate your growth and your struggles. We are capable of so much if we put our whole being into our goals. If we pray, meditate, and manifest you can carve the path you desire. It won’t be easy, but the journey will be worth the effort.

What are you thankful for?

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