Recently, video emerged of Planned Parenthood Senior Director Dr. Deborah Nucatola discussing the use of partial birth abortion to sell the organs of aborted children, a crime punishable by ten years in prison.  Yet no one from the taxpayer funded Planned Parenthood will likely ever be punished by a government who doesn’t exactly care about human life anyways.

Oh wait, I forgot, that unborn child is simply just a clump of cells, that just so happens to look like a tiny baby.  Who cares if it’s killed and its organs harvested, it’s totally dependent on the mother, who owns her body.  Well, under that logic, you can do that to a child who has been born, so why is it okay to do that do an unborn child?  It’s not, just like it’s wrong to harvest the organs of an adult without their consent, it is likewise wrong to do that do a child whether born or unborn.  Add to that a child, especially an unborn child is incapable of giving consent and we’re dealing with a major ethical violation.  It shouldn’t be acceptable to kill someone and have their organs removed just because they haven’t reached a certain developmental level.

This in turn prompts another question: is the act of abortion okay?  No it’s not.  Killing a human being is an act of aggression that denies them future value, or in more simple terms, future experiences.  “But what about women’s rights, doesn’t she have a right to her body since she owns herself?”  Yes, she does, but that right does not include the right to kill another person, even if that person currently resides in her womb.

But it’s not really a person, the fetus can’t think for itself.”  Perhaps, but I do have a cousin who claims to remember his life before being born, and even so, deciding who is and who isn’t a person is something the State does, which produces predictably horrifying results.

“But what about rape and the life of the mother?”  Rape is a horrible act that no one, man, woman, or child should ever have to go through, yet why continue that violence onto a child conceived in rape?  Besides, rape accounts for less than 2% of abortions performed.  In the case of the mother life, the only time abortion is acceptable is if there is absolutely no way to save both the life of the mother, and that of the unborn child, such as ectopic pregnancy.

“But what about overpopulation and poverty?”  Overpopulation is a myth.  Currently, the world produces enough food to feed 10 billion.  The only reason millions of people go hungry is because government thinks it’s good to meddle with the economy, instead of leaving it alone, and just because that child might grow up “poor” doesn’t make them any less human.

With all that being said, does that make me “pro-life?”  Yes, despite not being religious I do consider myself “pro-life.”

“So that must mean you support government banning abortion.”  Unlike mainstream pro-lifers, I do not consider government banning abortion to be a real solution.  What I do support is promoting alternatives such as adoption, and making the act of abortion unthinkable, which will be far more successful than simply banning it.

All life matters, irregardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, and whether or not someone is born or unborn.

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