Derrick Broze talks with Austin activist, entrepreneur, and agorist John Bush about liberty activism, , freedom cells, and opting out of the State.!

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  1. Burghilde Lankes

    Hello John,

    I hope you can help me or connect me with the right people.

    I am in Germany, but spent most of my life (40 years) in Colorado, USA, until about 2-3 years ago. Back there, I was involved in immigrants’ rights, permaculture, anti-fracking movements, etc. and was now engaged in demos and other activities to expose this big Corona-hoax, here in Germany.

    Strangely enough, most of my old friends in the US seem to believe the government and go along with all this masking, testing, vaccination, etc., like the government and big pharma all of a sudden have become their best friends. Therefore, I was so glad to find your movement and see that there are still a few people left in the US with common sense.

    I believe you are also in communication with “thegreaterreset” movement and since I already wrote to their online support line and have not gotten a response (I a sure they are busy or that was just not the right address), I will ask you the same questions:

    Since I am administering a website and Telegram Group for my area in Bavaria, I would love to get my group (and hopefully others) to participate in the upcoming summit. But since many here do not know sufficient English to follow the speakers and, depending from where they are streaming, there is a 6 – 8 hour time difference, this will probably not work too well for most.

    Therefore, I am wondering if those sessions will be recorded and available on-line for later viewing? That way I could link them up to my website and possibly provide some translation as well. – Unless there are already plans for that.

    It is funny, how in times like this the same ideas arise all over the globe, since we have been talking about exactly the same thing here: getting people together locally and off-line, to survive the current lunacy and build better systems for the future. It just shows that in the end we are still all connected. – But it would be great if we could take advantage of the ideas and teachings of the great speakers that are lined up for The Greater Reset Summit from across the ocean.

    Looking forward to hearing from you – Liebe Grüße,

    Burghilde Lankes
    Inzell, Bavaria in Germany


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