Enjoy this recent clip from Free Thinker Radio discussing the Qanon delusion and what it means to be a patriot.

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One Response

  1. Liz

    Dear Hesitant Patriot
    If trump was doing the wrong thing, the patriots who are intelligent US citizens who love their country and their freedom from tyrannical governments, would revolt against him. So far Trump has improved the economy, began to clean out corrupt career public servants, made an enormous amount of arrests for pedophilia beginning from the ground up. See research at Corey’s Digs.
    Here is a link summarising Q.
    American Thinker
    Q cryptic posts serve many purposes such as being careful not to breach national security, encourage citizen journalists to dig deep, connect the dots and become the news now as MSM is about keeping the public asleep, occupied, confused, dis-informed, and socially engineered. See x22 report, IPOT, You are Free TV, Amazing Polly, George Webb etc for deep research and diversity in their approach.
    The swamp and deep state are big and is not going to be cleaned out overnight. This is a slow smart plan to awaken the public so they are ready for the uncomfortable and horrid truths that will unfold whilst following the rule of law in this exposure of treasonous acts against the US and its citizens. We all need to mindful of our attachment to our personal political dogmas in our bid for truth
    Warm Regards


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