As COVID1984 authoritarianism infects the planet, with governments and corporations pushing the population towards vaxx passports and mandates, more and more people are recognizing the freedom will not be found in the “dominant culture”. No, we must exit from this immoral and violent system and build a better future for all of humanity. To do this we must invest our time and energy into the creation of new systems to compete with the old.

Journalist Derrick Broze explains this process by discussing Agorism, Counter-Economics, and Parallel Polis. Don’t miss this informative video!



What is Agorism? A History of Agorist Theory and Practice

Who is Samuel E. Konkin III? What is Agorism?

Vertical and Horizontal Agorism

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3 Responses

  1. dimitri


    the idea of parallel polis is what i wanted all my life.i am 40y now and begin to see the way to do so.
    My idea is like that: disobedience of the law for building where you want somewhere close to nature.using natural material that are easy available Cob..strawbale is ok to but you need straw and more machinery to have that .
    Parallel Polis can be made with small groups of people (20-30persons or more)who search-find a nice place to live and build from the local ground their cobhouse (+solarpanels etc….. technolgy..) IF the System finds you and break the eco-village Then Disobedience kicks in your group packs their Tech.etc. and move on search a nice place again and build it all over again and again and again..

    Let me know if you feel my idea.??

  2. peter hall

    I would appreciate a reason for deleting my recent attempts to post relevant info for cell members

    censorship should not be a part of the cell movement

    peter hall

  3. Roger Copple

    I resonate with agorism and support it. However, I don’t think we should completely give up trying to change the dominant system because I fear that as the dominant society becomes more and more autocratic it will find ways to restrict any measures to create a parallel society. My latest article entitled “The Resistance Must Provide Solutions to Remake the World” was published at OpEdNews . com. Here is a link to that article:


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