I can’t believe it… We are 1 week away from The Greater Reset 3: Integration!
There has never been a more perfect time to organize and focus on solutions! Why?
This very week, right now, the World Economic Forum is meeting for their #DavosAgenda, to centrally plan our future and the direction of the planet. These unelected technocrats believe they have the RIGHT to organize our lives and shape the direction of the world.
We are asking you to stand with us and say NO!
No, we will not stand by quietly as these psychopaths steal the future from from the coming 7 generations.
No, we will not allow our freedoms to be stripped away in the name of a faux-environmental, faux-scientific agenda.
See, we – the powerful, beautiful people of the world – recognize that The Great Reset is a sham. It’s not about creating an “equitable”, “sustainable” or “fair” world. No, The Great Reset is all about enacting global fascism.
For us, the only way through this is to wake up our brothers and sisters by focusing on solutions that can empower the people to break free from the chains of the One World Order.
So, if you are tired of tyrants attempting to enslave you, if you are sick of liars and criminals rising to the top, and, if you are beyond sick of watching our youngest and most vulnerable populations be taken advantage of, then join us as we launch…
The Greater Reset 3: Integration!
Join us next week, January 26-30, 2022, for 5 days of empowering, solutions based talks and workshops.
We promise, you will not be disappointed and you just might watch your life and your perspective change before your eyes. This is our time to create the better world we know is possible.
Check out the full schedule of events for TGR3: Integration! You can watch for FREE online, or in person in Texas or Morelia, Mexico! If you are coming to Morelia, check out our recent announcement about workshops and excursions!
And if you can’t make it in person to Texas or Mexico, join or start an Activation Hub in your area!
Until Next Time, Remember –
You Are Powerful. You Are Beautiful. You Are Free.
– Derrick Broze
Founder, Editor
The Conscious Resistance NetworkW

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