Derrick Broze breaks down the power and importance of symbols AND how some people get lost in attaching their own meanings to common symbols that can be found in nature.

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4 Responses

  1. D

    Personally would like to see a lawnmower added to the freedom cell logo(kind of serious)… Maybe a way to counter any confusion with the logo is make whatever symbol you make so overt that it just makes it too obvious to what it’s about.. I do enjoy decoding symbols and the idea of one thinking deeply and finding their own meanings to the symbol to where it resonates with the see-er of the symbol. But can become another labyrinth within labyrinth so to speak.Anyways I do agree we shouldn’t become too opinionated and be open-minded to different ways at looking at whatever it may be. Not thinking too much or too little, and a mix of being prudent with some common sense.From my experience people will see what they want to see no matter how much what they believe is against logic or reason. Being understanding and trying to see things from their perspective might help them be more open to see it from yours. At the moment I see having the right balance of two ideas, as in like a yin-yang,being the best way for myself to see things. But it’s easy to lead oneself astray, so maybe seeing things in absolutes of right and wrong might be beneficial for some until they have enough knowledge and wisdom to go beyond just that…. Also to clarify I do not support the Chinese statist’s in anyway when I use the yin-yang symbol as an allegory to express my symbolic viewpoint of blending two ways at looking things or advocating “double-think”… Damn! this concept is a slippery slope no matter how you cut it ( over thought this response way too much, shit!)


    Just to add had a captcha asking to select the squares with bicycles, and it was just a lady riding a lawnmower, with no bicycles. Anyway maybe that’s another sign that over thinkIng will just make one crazy or you really need to add a lawnmower to the logo. Also enjoy the video and look forward to your next videos further elaborating this topic, and forgive me for any foolishness in my comment

  3. Mistic Meyers" aka" Mousy

    Hey Derrick , I just recently became a patreon. I’ve been and still am a patreon to a few other people. But somehow when I sponsored your channel it brought me to a part of Patreon I did not know existed. I never knew it was also a platform. I do want to speak with about Freedom Cells. As well as getting involved in starting my own site. I Had began the process when I had a fire and lost all my research and then Covid. I now know that Youtube is most likely not an option anymore. I have started a website although I’ve only written one blog if you’d like to check it out. It’s nothing yet for the most part. I’m not privy to building a site out. I was gifted with a talent to write. And I love research and always have. Ever since I was a child I have questioned everything, especially when the topic is questionable. I always begin each topic with an open mind and use my own judgement to decide what my feelings are or havev become on the topic at hand. Desernment is so important. That aside I hope my journey enlightens those looking for a seed. I dont think anyone should make decisions based on one side or what they already believe or are told to believe. The ability to realize and admit that we all make mistakes and we all can be decieved seems to be a hard for so many to accept. It’s almost as if they think they were singled out. In reality indoctrination is a very deep and consuming tool used on everyone. For me it was easy to accept, not embarrassing or belittling. It was enlightening and it freed me me from so much. With each day I began to gain more knowledge and awareness to how deceptive our reality was and still is. I don’t put much value in anything monetary although we all need to survive. My Books are the most valuable material things I cling to. I’ve always have had this overwhelming desire to collect books , not novels but truth. The older , usually the better. As I mentioned earlier I had a fire and lost so many. But my library is growing again. It makes me smile to know that what is written on paper cannot be erased. Although I know now it still can be destroyed. Sadly. My fire happened to days after I said to my half sister jokingly. ” I wonder if padt lives exist? and if so? I must have witnessed a book burning because I have such a strong love for Books!” Now that I got that point across. My comment was actually a bit if a joke. I myself had said everydam thing or symbol seems to link to the illuminate. As I sat with my friend and thought, are there any shapes I can think of that are not in some way linked to something or some sign. Because if not that wtf . Now I could be wrong but I thought hmm a Shell like from the ocean that seems to never be linked to anything. Thought it was interesting because it was hard to come up with anything . And for all I know Shells could be too. Lol . Anyway I just wanted to say keep up the great work. And if you get a chance check out my blog. I have atleast 100 more on paper just not yet posted. My website is Have a blessed Day. Hope to talk to you soon.

  4. Greg

    I wouldn’t even worry about the people questioning you. Friend or not, just try to understand that the amount of info you know because your drive along with how EVERY person most people have been looking to for 4 decades has been screwing them along with all the pay op govt crap masses of people are starting to notice has avg people who haven’t been questioning extra paranoid.


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