Derrick Broze is back for another episode of The Conscious Resistance Live to discuss his most important stories of 2020 and what to expect from 2021.

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  1. Michael

    Hi, first time commenter, long time reader, I agree Corona viruses are real, although are they really transmitable or are they just present in us naturally, or were they injected into people via the so called “Flu Shot” , I do keep an open mind, but I think that one way or another the Death Rates are the same for the last 3 years, and there are far more contagious bacterial based diseases. IMO there is more to how our ability to heal from these “dis-eases” has been effected by GMO’s & Glysophate and additives in food, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides etc… And yes EMF radiation effects our bodies and minds. Unless we have awareness of this and share this we will continue to see people dying from “unknown illness and disease” that the Oligarchy will use to convince us that some “virus” is killing us. Look at the Amish and Mennonite people who have almost none of main stream people. I’m a blogger and IMO some things we are completely unaware of in our selves that is manipulating our minds and our lives. We like to blame the Oligarchy and everything, so we don’t have to face the true supporter of the Oligarchy.. YOU, we keep supporting them and they technocratic Bureaucracy and Fascist dictatorship that has been in place since about 1920 and perhaps before. IF people get this and we start take responsibility for our actions and simply stop supporting this , get ride of our phones to start with and other “smart” appliances and electronics, get back to our natural selves and nature we can turn this ship about. Keep sharing your truth and others whether it’s right or wrong as long as we are at least talking with each other and see all things as holistic and we all play a part in making this world one love. In Lak ‘esh Michael


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