Freedom Lovers,

Thanks to everyone who contributed to our first crowd funding campaign! We were able to raise $2,500 in just thirty days! We appreciate everyone who believes in what I am doing and the vision for our team. I have been working on the Conscious Resistance solo for a couple years now, but to take this where we want to I need help. I am working with Cody Adams of the Houston Free Thinkers and Michael, our new friend from Scotland who is here to help launch the show.

We are patiently waiting for the funds to arrive and then we will begin the process of buying the equipment, and moving forward with new projects. The show will officially launch Thursday November 14th at 7 pm EST right here on the website. Stay tuned to here for updates.

We are also currently rebuilding the site to be more functional and faster. Please excuse the mess while we prepare for phase two of the Conscious Resistance.

Now that the initial campaign has ended we are launching a regular monthly crowd funding for those who want to continue to support. Check the Indiegogo campaign below.

If you would like to donate via BitCoin here is our wallet:


Thanks Everyone,


– Derrick

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