This mini-documentary was produced in the late 1980’s, early 1990’s as part of an investigation into now-deceased, former Mormon President Gordon B. Hinckley. It has not been seen by the public in nearly 30 years.

Please read #JusticeDelayed, a 2 part investigation into accusations against Gordon B. Hinckley and Walton Hunter:

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  1. Edward L

    I’ve heard of your writing many moons ago from friend in Washington D.C. and took a look at your website just today and funny enough that you’re doing research into the Mormons. I went to graduate school with those fraudulent boys and worked with a few at a government agency in D.C. One thing about them is they love their alcohol, non-white prostitute and porn. I have never met a Mormon man who have graduated from BYU who wasn’t a hypocrite.
    I’ve never seen the documentary you just discovered and released but it’s accurate as Hell about most Mormons I know. Most all of them are xenophobic about most non Americans and the older men practice eugenics secretly.
    This documentary sheds light on this cult for who they really are.

  2. Ryan

    Did a search online about the video and learned that it wasn’t Gordon. It was his brother.
    One search revealed info. That is so simple to find that I wonder how legit broze is.

    His other videos were spot on. But this one is straight b.s.


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