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Hello Friends,

We survived another week! Hopefully some of you are thriving out there! I won’t take too much of your time today, so let’s get to a couple quick updates…

1. Bringing Down Jeffrey Epstein (Documentary) RELEASED! – We have finally released our brand new documentary on convicted sex offender billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. You do not want to miss this important story! You can read and/or watch the full documentary below. Please email or share it with friends and family who need to hear this disturbing story. Only be confronting the darkness can we expose it.

2. New Social Media – As of January 2019, we will no longer be posting new content on FB, YouTube, Instagram Twitter, Google, or Amazon! To get all of our content, please stay tuned to our website,Steemit, BitChute, Minds, and MeWe! I will be releasing a new video this week describing each of the different social media platforms I use and some others I have found.

3. Anarchapulco 2019! – For the third year in a row I have been invited to speak at Anarchapulco in Acapulco, Mexico in February 2019! I am super stoked about this event and really excited to share the next phase of my presentations. I am going to keep my talk a secret for now, but just know that it will be the most hard hitting, empowering talk I have ever given. Stay tuned for details. If you are interested in attending, please click this image to the right and get a discount on tickets! Hope to see you in Mexico!

4. I need your help! – Friends, I am constantly thinking of new ways to reach people (while also staying consistent with my principles). Some of the recent ideas I have chosen include: high quality documentary content, regular newsletters and weekly live shows, and either burning my documentaries and other important content on DVDs or customized usb drives to sell to those who want to dive deep into this research. But, I would like to know what ideas you might have for reaching new people? I am open to ideas on new content or areas of research, or simply ideas you think might make me more effective at reaching people. I put a great deal of pride into what I do and I am willing to hear constructive criticism or suggestions. Let me know if you have an idea on how I can take my work to the next level!

Thanks again for your time. Feel free to reach out at any point by responding to this email. Until next week, Remember,

You Are Powerful, You Are Beautiful, You Are Free

– Derrick Broze

Founder, Editor TCRN

ALSO, Don’t Forget I recently released my latest book, The Holistic Self-Assessment. DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE COPY HERE!

P.S. – I want to remind you guys about my Patreon account! If you would like to help us in our efforts to create powerful documentary content, please consider signing up for a monthly contribution! For as little as $1 a month you get access to exclusive podcasts, and interviews and videos before anyone else!


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