August was a busy month here at The Conscious Resistance Network! Not only did we release Chapter 11 of The Pyramid of Power (and this month releasing Chapter 12!), but we released the Mexico Freedom Communities Map and The Freedom Cell Network 3.0 went live! I also released my latest investigation, Justice Delayed, and a powerful new interview with Del Bigtree of The Highwire!

In addition to working on all of the above, I have also been preparing to write the post-COVID19 edition of my book How To Opt Out of the Technocratic State. Finally, I spent August writing my musical debut, Transmutation. You can learn more about that on my Odysee channel for my music!

Thanks to everyone who continues to support our efforts!

– Derrick Broze

Here are the most important reports from TCRN for August 2022:

Looking for Community? The Freedom Cell Network 3.0 Is LIVE!

The Pyramid of Power: Chapter 11 – The Banking Cartel & The Future of Money

Introducing the Mexico Freedom Communities Map

Donald Trump Reminds the World He is an Authoritarian

We Have Overwhelming Evidence of Big Tech-Govt Censorship – What’s Next?

The Epstein Network, the Mafia, & 1 Nation Under Blackmail with Whitney Webb

The True Story of Mormon President Gordon B. Hinckley

How the “Justice Delayed” Investigation Finally Came to Light

The Activation #19: Breaking Through Medical Propaganda with Del Bigtree

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