To hold back wrongdoing

I believe how we think directs us. The Conscious Resistance helps us self-direct those thoughts into a positive direction and action.

Contact in the desert 2014

With the influx of public interest seemingly peaking sometime around the 1940s, modern society is now saturated with UFO information, theorists, and researchers.

To obey, or not to obey

To obey, or not to obey? it's up to you... I agree with natural law and those laws outlined in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, but I recognize this as a voluntary action only. I think if one is to adher... Read More...

Capitalism? Whats that?

How come there is no consensus on the precise definition of capitalism? nor on how the term should be used as a historical category? Regardless, there is little controversy that private ownership of the means o... Read More...