New Libertarian Manifesto (Audiobook)

For those of you who have not had a chance or the time to read this book. Derrick and I would love if you took the time to listen during your daily routine. New Libertarian Manifesto is a libertarian philoso... Read More...

Ken Bettencourt of Heroes and Angles

Neil met up with Ken Bettencourt while grabbing a Marley Coffee Drink at 29 Smoke Shop in Twentynine Palms, CA. Ken Bettencourt has set out on a journey that began in the state of Rhode Island. Ken rides his bi... Read More...

To hold back wrongdoing

I believe how we think directs us. The Conscious Resistance helps us self-direct those thoughts into a positive direction and action.

Contact in the desert 2014

With the influx of public interest seemingly peaking sometime around the 1940s, modern society is now saturated with UFO information, theorists, and researchers.