Journalist Derrick Broze will interview controversial doctors Andrew Kaufman and Thomas Cowan about the isolation and purification of COVID19. Don’t miss this!

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References from the interview:
Detection of 2019 novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) by real-time RT-PCR

Why Most Published Research Findings Are False

COVID19 PCR Tests are Scientifically Meaningless

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20 Responses

  1. Alisha J Prince

    I’m on page 44 of Thomas’s book and I began it a month ago. I never had an interest in medicine so I’m having to read each page over and over, making notes and cross referencing things. Every time I read a point which seems shocking and I cannot debunk, I go online and invite people to please prove him wrong. I am in the UK and we have a majority of these – how can I describe them – “nice” people. I don’t mean genuinely nice, although some are harmless, at least up until now. The middle-class bake off people who love twitter and Bill Bailey and hide their coward subjugation to the queen with side-lipped sarcasm. I refer to them because they’ve been the most biscuits with regard to “covid deniers” it really has brought out years of personal failure and frustration + internet addiction. A most repugnant combination. My conclusion is, laziness is responsible for a lot of what we call stasi-like conformity. They just don’t want to do “boring homework” but, since intelligence is what they pride themselves on – every Brexit voter is a “moron” every trump supporter is “a swivel-eyed loon” – they won’t admit to being intellectually lazy. It’s hard work trying to decipher a lifetime of established medical norms. I do seem to remember, though, two years ago, most people had a story about the corruption of the medical establishment – a relative given an operation they didn’t need, an ex who was given anti-depressants based on a multiple choice quiz. Now, that is taboo and the doctors are the priests. We mustn’t question their scripture since it’s in a language holy and not meant for us. The average playing by the rules person I speak to will say “there’s something a bit weird going on” but deflect it onto “the government have not handled it very well” and “confusing messaging” – – to question the entirety of one’s life is traumatic for many who have so much invested in their memories and in social validation. Tin foil hat, tin foil hat – – repeat the memes from who knows where? So much of the digital world is now Astro Turf. How do you know who you’re interacting with? There has to be a new way. This could only have happened – I feel – because we had our heads in our phones. First, for the distraction, second, for the 24 hour messaging and third, the obsession with being liked. Look up at the stars. Before Elon Musk kills them because he didn’t make them first. God Bless.

  2. Paul Cardin


    I’m also in the UK and your comment here beautifully sums up our current malaise. I’ve lost so many friends whom I’d mistakenly assumed were as insightful as I was. But despite them being longstanding, they’re drifting away from me as the piledrivers of division are bashed home. Their paid employment combined with their busy lives combined with their innate laziness have all come together to erect barriers between themselves and the reality of the new, thoroughly gaslit human condition. I can no longer persuade them otherwise as they tumble into the arms of their vanquishers. They’re clever people who have surrendered. It was foreseeable and it was avoidable and it’s so, so sad.

  3. Gary

    You’re the man Derrick! Well done on following this up; a true journalist. ?

  4. astrid nordness

    This was very insightful. I have read Dr Cowans book twice now and find it brilliantly simple and easy to understand and hard as hell to refute. Thank you for the awesome interview!
    I wish more people were willing to step outside their comfort zones to gain some knowledge and wisdom.

  5. Anonymous

    Thanks for this interview.I am still not 100%convinced that viruses are not to blame for some illnesses. I wonder about small pox blankets and germ warfare. Nevertheless I always enjoy Dr. Kaufman’s logic and overall openness. I am going to order Dr. Cowen’s book tomorrow. Maybe I will get a better understanding then.

  6. Molly Greger

    This video is so important! Thank you so much comming together and examining all those important questions. I have posted it everywhere. But Derric, would you mind asking Thomas which article on “Viruses” from July 2020 is the one claiming “…however today a reliable method that can guarantee the separation of viruses from exosomes does not exist!!!” (Their site is this ) because of my very hard core folowers who need criddible sources. Thank you for the fantastic work, stay strong =)

  7. Ed H

    Great interview. Fantastic to see these two leading lights of the new paradigm in conversation. I first became aware of these critiques of virology and germ theory via other interviews with Dr K in spring 2020. At first I was sceptical and looked for evidence to refute the arguments of Dr K but I could not find any! I have even closely read several of the papers in question myself and can clearly identify the flaws in their methods and claims as described by Dr K and Dr Cowan in this interview. In short, I am not convinced by the claims of modern virology although I have tried to be. I am sure that both Dr Kaufman and Dr Cowan would be genuinely, and pleasantly, surprised to be presented with a reproducible study that satisfactorily demonstrates viral transmission of disease between any organism, not least between mammals including humans. I am sure of this because both men are clearly motivated by concern for the well-being of humanity and are striving for a genuine understanding of what causes disease so that it can be properly addressed and resolved. They do not have a vested interest in sustaining a flawed theory and so I am sure they would retract their criticisms of virology if it would only provide the basic scientific evidence that they call for. As it stands, the burden of proof is on virologists and they are very recalcitrant in providing it. I was interested to learn in this interview that, in the 1930’s and 40’s, viral particles were properly isolated by virologists but that they could not be shown to cause disease by themselves. It would be fascinating to read some of these original studies. The method eventually used by Enders in the 1950’s is clearly the basis of the flawed science of modern virology whereby cytopathic effects are only observed in association with so called “viral” particles when a concoction of antibiotics, impure extracts from a diseased specimen, and other ingredients are inoculated into a cell culture. As Dr Cowan says in this interview this is really the crux of the deception of infectious viruses and really needs to be exposed as common knowledge if we are to escape the impositions of covid-19. I have given all this careful consideration for the last 9 months and been through many crises of conscience as to how and when I try to break this to others. I am more or less convinced Dr Kaufman and Dr Cowan are correct however it is still very difficult to persuade others as the infectious myth is so deeply ingrained in society.

  8. Charles Andrew Robinson

    Reverting back to the middle ages and spontanious gerneration. Throw rags in a corner and mice are spontaniously produced out of the rags. Leave meat out to rot and it will spontaniously produce flies. Here we are 2019,2020,2021 and a virus is spontaniously generated when Gates funded organizations say so.

  9. Keith Cameron

    Hi Molly,

    I also was looking for the link Dr. Tom Cowan referenced and found this regarding the Viruses quote : “… from a recent paper published in the journal Viruses 2020 May; 12(5). 571. The paper was written by Gianessi, F et al and is titled: “The Role of Extracellular Vesicles as Allies of HIV, HCV and SARS Viruses.”

  10. mielia

    could you ask Dr. Kaufman for a picture of these bacteria phages?
    and then put it into the resources/references for this video
    45:55 phage particles wall to wall
    geometric forms
    almost looking like an alien ship

  11. mielia

    reply to Matt Hunter January 17, 2021
    yes this is concerning the Drosten “study” Cowan speaks of after 51:30

  12. mielia

    Thomas Cowan in another interview about a different book from 2019

    Heart May Not Be a Pump: Thomas Cowan on Cardiovascular Disease

    I time tagged his answer to the question in the interview

    ‘what’s the most important message on a societal level that folks can take away that maybe we can influence some policy to improve health?’

    ‘I don’t have much faith that government or politics have much to offer us…

    I would just point out that any form of coercion is the opposite of freedom.
    Anytime you coerce somebody to do anything which includes going to school, paying taxes, getting vaccinated, joining the military.

    If you do that you might as well say we decided we are not interested in freedom. …
    I don’t see any healthy society using force-based coercion to make their citizens do anything and call that a free society.’


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