Holy crap. 2021 is already shaping up to be a wild ride. This last week we have seen chaos in Washington D.C. at the Capitol building. Was it a protest, a riot or an insurrection? Were there provocateurs and if so, were they AntiFa, the cops, and/or the Feds?

As usual, everyone on the internet thinks they know the answer within ten minutes. Unfortunately, this genuinely leads to the spreading of conspiracy theories – many based in nothing but speculation and emotion. Over the last couple years I have made it one of my duties to fact check and debunk garbage from the Deadstream media (formerly the MSM). However, there has also been an increasing need to fact check and debunk the alternative media space.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the independent media is guilty of fake news too. I feel like I have been repeating myself a lot lately, so let me do it again: Not everything from the corporate media is fake and not everything from the alternative media is true. Read that again, please. That’s not how disinformation works. It works by mixing truth with lies, whether that’s partial truths and lots of lies from the deadstream, or lots of truth with some lies in the “alternative” media.

Also, just because something fits your narrative or confirms your bias, does not mean you should automatically believe or reject it. Check multiple sources, especially those you often disagree with. Don’t rush to make a judgement before sharing on social media. Take time to breathe and reflect.

We would do well to remember these lessons about critical thinking and discernment. I am speaking to myself as well.

With this in mind I invite you to watch/listen to my 3 reports from this week which deal with the events at the Capitol. First, check out The Storming of the US Capitol: Debunking BS, followed by In 2021 Finding Truth Will Be Even More Difficult. Finally, check out my interview with my friend and indy journalist, Danny Quest, who was live in DC during the events. (I also recommend revisiting my mini-doc The Darkest Winter in light of recent events.)


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Till Next Time,

Remember, You Are Power, You Are Beautiful, You Are Free!

– Derrick Broze
Founder of The Conscious Resistance Network
Freelance Investigative Journalist

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