Happy Thanksgiving! I am sure if you have found your way to this site that you must be aware this day is another white washed American tradition. We give thanks for stolen land, taken by theft and genocide. Although we recognize the hypocrisy of this affair we can still take time to make it memorable.

Why not take some extra time talking with your loved ones about what is happening in your life? Or even better, ask them about their own lives! The State is a monstrous beast that largely benefits off our division, our perceived separation and isolation. We can build bridges not only in our regular interactions but also with family members and friends that we may only see around the holidays.

Another American tradition that needs to expire is “Black Friday”, the busiest shopping day of the year. Check out the Conscious Report #9: Black Friday, Wal-Mart, and The Power of the Community to hear my thoughts on this ridiculous phenomenon.

I may have not mentioned it on here yet, but I am away from my family for this Thanksgiving. I have been in the D.C. area for the past 2 weeks working with Adam Kokesh on his show, AdamVsTheMan. I am helping with video editing, production, and finding a few guests as well. Last night I played the role of producer and also commented a bit on some interesting conversation dealing Agorism. Check out the podcast here. I will be back on the show Monday November 26th as a guest and co-host. We will also be interviewing Nick Arthur of Molotov Solution. Should be great.

Since I am not home I will not be eating any turkey or conversing with my family. I may be paying the TSA a visit, or going to talk to Black Friday shoppers. Whatever I do I will bring with me the message of the community as the solution to the silliness that is Thanksgiving and Black Friday. The time has come to be genuine, direct, and of course compassionate, with those that mean the most to us. Would you not want those closest to you to warn you of impending doom, or to offer a better approach for navigating the daily barrage of Statism? We owe it to our family and friends to communicate the ideas of a more free humanity.

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