Derrick Broze breaks down more garbage from David Wilcock, QAnon, and Alex Jones, AND why this propaganda must be countered.

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Show Notes:

The Problem with #QAnon, David Wilcock, Ben Fulford, Etc

URGENT MESSAGE from David Wilcock Internet & mobile network shutdown for 3 days

QAnon EXPOSED by Alex Jones

The Silence from Infowars is Deafening

Don’t Fall for Alex Jones’ Civil War Deception

3 Responses

  1. AriYonYah

    Thank you for your comments on David Wilcock and Qanon. Wow is it frustrating listening to his ego gratification and energy vampirism, of both him and his wife (referring to his 3 recent videos). Being a reincarnation of Edgar, if that’s true, is not a positive as it’s well known he was deeply into the black magic arts and perpetuating the mass consciousness fraud going on here on earth. He doesn’t get how consciousness works, so doesn’t do the hard internal work. My whole body just cringes.

    Thank you for your work. Refreshing.

  2. Jeff

    @AriYonYah, what is your basis for stating confidently that Edgar Cayce “was deeply into the black magic arts and perpetuating the mass consciousness fraud”? I’ve delved deeply into the Cayce readings and have found only light. I’ve benefited tremendously from his work as part of my overall awakening and growth in consciousness. The readings are an important data set, and while they are fallible like anything else, they are far from being any kind of black magic. Furthermore, Cayce’s sons interviewed Wilcock after hearing his claim, and discerned that he is NOT the same soul their father.

    @Derrick, thank you for making these videos on QAnon, and for doing the legwork that went into them, disproving claims, etc. I just started going down the Q rabbit hole these last few days, and my head is spinning. I see the appeal and want to believe that there’s something to it, but also see that they’re lacking any real solution — if their agenda was actually implemented, they would just be replacing one evil cabal with another.

  3. Anonymous

    This is the one that got me started listening to your stuff.
    When Mike and Alex started preaching some of this I didn’t like it but you present it in a more objective way.
    I guess with Wilcock I fell right in. I like the guy.
    But with intelligence comes the ability to deceive as well so that may be the case. I’ll listen to him more with a grain of salt now.
    And it depends on if Trump really makes a comeback. I am truly on the fence now.
    I am addicted to Utsava I wish I knew if she’s part of THE PLAN. 😛
    I’d love to pick your brain on Flynn Wood Steele Parkes and espectially Pieczenik. If you have a video on any of them maybe you could give me that if you get around to seeing this. I wish I knew if they were all deliberately deceiving or if they just got sucked into the plan.


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