As my desires evolve, so do my strategies for reaching others in the community.  My goals (if there can be said to be a goal) are: to continue to grow as a balanced individual; to communicate a message of growth, acceptance and compassion; to create communities based on non-violence, mutual aid, and voluntary association; and to assist others in creating communities of their own.

I didn’t become an activist to become a radio host, reporter, or journalist. I awoke to what was happening around me and out of a survival instinct, responded. This led me to doing video work and the offer to do a radio show in Houston. This of course has led to even more opportunities. With that said, the radio, both FM/AM and internet, is an amazing tool to broadcast messages of inspiration, empowerment and truth seeking.

I have been doing 2 radio programs, Free Thinker Radio on Local Live Houston, and The Conscious Resistance on Freedomizer, for the past year. This has provided me with wonderful opportunities to interview candidates for political office, activists, and other notable members of the community, both on video and radio. However, as much as I enjoy radio, my passion is in the streets, with the people. Occasionally my work on the ground is more important to me than being on air.

For this reason I am going to be relinquishing my time slot at Freedomizer, and moving to being a regular guest on Proof Negative’s show, as well as in the field reporter. Wednesday the 21st will be my last full show on Freedomizer for now.   My show on Orion Talk Radio will then change from the Activist Report to the new Conscious Resistance. I am also working with Chris Emery in Oklahoma, and John Bush in Austin to get the show broadcasted on FM.

I will continue to do radio programs, my own and interviews, as long as others are interested and it serves the purpose of spreading the message of a free humanity. I am forever thankful to the people who thank me for what I do and to those who come along and join the fun. For me though, my own path to freedom will eventually take precedence and lead me to become a more focused gardener, community cultivator, and generally less active in traditional activism.

Until then, you can continue to find me Sunday’s from 3-5 Eastern on Orion Talk Radio, Monday and Wednesday from 2-3 on Freedomizer. When I return to Houston I will be back co-hosting Free Thinker Radio on Local Live Houston. This Wednesday I will also be appearing on Rise up Radio with John Bush. John is a good friend, and leading the way when it comes to Agorism in Texas. I look forward to speaking with him. Please be sure to tune in Wednesday from 7-10 Central.

Thank you for your continued support and commitment to spreading knowledge and resistance! IF YOU CAN SEE THIS: YOU ARE THE RESISTANCE!

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